This is the first update to be listed on the web site giving a brief summation of items that may be of interest to members. Should you see anything on this web site that needs updating or have any suggestions please contact the state secretary:

Veteran Liaison Officers: You will find under notices a list of VLOs in DVA contracted private hospitals in Qld. The association is presently liaising with DVA to ensure veterans are made aware of these positions and the role they are expected to carry out.

Kookaburra Kids: KK is a new organisation in Qld that caters for children of veterans who suffer mental disabilities of any form. Children are taken on camps and other wide-ranging activities. KK is fully endorsed by DVA and their web site is

Gold Card: No veteran should be asked to pay a ‘gap’ payment for using the DVA Gold Card. If this occurs, then contact DVA immediately. Unfortunately, more and more practitioners are not accepting the Gold Card. This is an issue being pursued vigorously by the TPI Association. It pays to ring beforehand to ensure a practitioner accepts the gold card. If a gap is to be paid DVA can reimburse provided you have no choice other than see the practitioner as endorsed by your LMO.

DVA Transport: If you have a weekend booking ring DVA and get the booking number and the name of the provider. If there is a problem, you can ring the provider direct as DVA Transport does not operate on weekends. Any time you have a transport advice DVA.

Chris Richards


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