DVA will pay the cost of membership to State Diabetes Organisations (Diabetes Queensland) for eligible DVA Clients. DVA Fact Sheet HSV144 refers. Also DVA have produced guides to each state’s membership.  Contact DVA for more information if required.


State Office was represented at an ADF Defence Transition Seminar. It was the first time we have been invited to attend. It gave State Office the opportunity to connect with the contemporary Defence  demographic leaving the services and to provide relevant advice on what they should be considering regarding their future especially compensation claims with DVA etc Overall a very worthwhile experience and feedback indicates our presence was appreciated.


Succession planning is important to ensure our State Association continues its vital work in supporting members.  If any ordinary member (TPI)  wishes to become part of the SMC which has casual vacancies and contribute to running their Association they should submit their interest by resume to our Secretary:

Ideally it would be good to have interest from those ordinary members (TPIs (Women and Men) who have separated from the ADF in the last 10 years and live in the South East Region so they can attend State Office and meetings on a regular basis. There is a lot to learn when becoming involved with an ESO, particularly to ensure it is meeting the needs of its members and corporate governance guidelines and keeping in touch with the present day ADF community.


The Federation President and some other representatives were able to secure a meeting with the Prime Minister regarding the payment of compensation to TPIs.  The response from the PM disappointed Federation as can be seen below from the attached Facebook Post. Further action is being contemplated with input from State Associations.

After many months of persistence, and with 24 hours’ notice, the TPI Federation was finally given a 30 minute appointment with the Prime Minister yesterday in Melbourne. I thank the Prime Minister for making this time out of his busy schedule available to the TPI Federation.
I wish to thank John Poland, Terry Wilson (TPI Victoria President and Vice President), John Kelly (TPI WA President) and Peter Thornton (Independent Researcher) for going to Melbourne yesterday for this appointment. It was important for the Prime Minister to see a strong representation of the TPI community.
Unfortunately, the meeting was not a successful one. The Prime Minister was aware of our issue being the need to have the ‘economic loss’ compensation adjusted from 63% of the gross minimum wage to the equivalent of the gross minimum wage.
The Prime Minister stated that he just could not find $1bn (over four years of the forward estimates) for this adjustment to occur. In actual fact it will be $240m per year reducing due to the age and illness of the current TPI/SR cohort.
It was wonderful to hear later in the day the Prime Minister had presented the Victorian Premier with $5bn for the Airport Link Railway. The Victorian Government is to be congratulated for prosecuting the case for this to occur!
The Prime Minister was made aware of the 28,000 TPI/SRs, too many of whom are living on the breadline, and their extended families would all need to decide who would be in Government for the next four years. This could potentially incur 500,000 voters.
It would appear to the TPI Federation that the sentimentality of previous arguments of calling on quotes by Billy Hughes and others will do nothing to further any such causes.
The main argument that is heeded now is based around the mighty dollar. For six years now the TPI Federation has prosecuted this case. The DVA Minister and Secretary, in November 2018, agreed that the ‘economic loss’ contention was valid. The DVA Secretary did this in Senate Estimates in October 2018. Since the release of the Productivity Commission Draft Report these agreements have faded into cyberspace.
The Prime Minister did bring up a valid point in our meeting – you do have the Gold Card and it is now worth on average $23,000. There is not one TPI/SR that can use the Gold Card at an ATM. A Gold Card does not enable the TPI/SR to put bread on the table, or pay the electricity bill. The Gold Card is a Health Card. Nothing more.
In conclusion, the TPI Federation is more than disappointed that neither the Liberal or the Labor Parties think the TPI/SR Veteran community is important e
nough in the grand scheme of today’s society.”Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit


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