Update 5 June 2019

State Office Update – 5 June 2019

Members Federal Election: Darren Chester continues to be the Minister for Veterans Affairs and Shayne Neumann the newly appointed Shadow Minister. Mr Neumann is from Ipswich. TPI Federation Directors: The SMC has approved Vice President Andrew Gizycki as the new Qld Director replacing myself and Secretary George Robinson will continue in the role. Nominations will soon be called for a variety of SMC positions. Social Centres: Below is a link to the Redcliffe Social Centre Newsletter. Redcliffe distributes this very good newsletter to its members monthly. Other state-wide social centres are also active and any member, not in a social centre, may consider joining if they reside in a centre’s general location. Centres are located state-wide and are a good connecting point with other TPIs for social and welfare purposes. Our state constitution also allows Gold and White Card holders to become Associates. If you need contact names or locations, then please contact Beryl or George Robinson (secretary) at State Office. As well, in areas like Hervey Bay, Gympie or Mackay, there may now be enough members to form or reform a social centre. If you need advice on how this can be achieved then please contact state office (secretary). TPI Journal: Just a reminder the next bi-annual TPI journal to be released this month will be by E mail. Those not on E mail will receive a hard copy. Members are encouraged to support advertisers in the journal and to advise them you gained their contact from the journal. If you encounter any difficulties with service provided then please ensure you advise state office. Secretaries should ensure their members E Mail are current and any that have changed are notified to the State Secretary.


Regards Chris Richards President


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