MEMBERS – Qld TPI – Concessions

The Concessions available to members fall into several groupings. The two basic groups are:

  • Concessions available to TPIs generally; and
  • Concessions available only to TPIs who are members of the Association.

Concessions available to TPIs generally

These include concessions provided by the Federal Government; various States Governments and Local Councils, specifically for TPIs; and, concessions provided via possession of the Pensioner Concession Card.

These are detailed in the DVA Booklet “Concessions Available to Department of Veterans’ Affairs Beneficiaries”. As the name implies, this is not only for TPI pensioners: it includes Service Pensioners and War Widows as well. This booklet is State-specific, as it includes concessions available using the Pensioner Concession Card.

Concessions are also available via the Queensland Seniors’ Card, but may not apply to all TPIs. It is an “age-dependent” card provided by the Queensland Government, and while it covers some State-provided services, it relies heavily on retailers to acknowledge a person’s “senior” status. It has its own advisory booklet.

Concessions available only to Members of the Qld TPI Association

Your State Management is continually looking to add value to your membership. As part of this commitment, we invite all businesses to make available Concessions to our members.

To take advantage of these great savings please present your current Association Membership card. Some providers however, will also give the Concessions on presentation of a Gold Card (i.e., any TPI). Check first with the supplier/provider first.

A Members Handbook which details concessions available to TPI’s, was released to all financial members in January 2015. A rewrite is planned for the latter part of 2018. The rewrite has been delayed due to the Federal Election, and various commission hearings which may impact on the contents of various DVA Factsheets.

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