Veteran Travel Pass

‘The Totally and Permanently Incapacitated/ Extreme Disablement Adjustment Veteran Travel Pass (TPI/EDA Veteran Travel Pass) is valid for 5 years. It will only need to be renewed if the date on the card is close to expiry. From April 2017 it will now be valid for 10 years.

Before the pass expires, with details previously supplied to us, TransLink will send out a prefilled renewal form to cardholders.

All applicants will need to do is:

  • Confirm the details on the renewal form are still current. If not, please update details as required
  • Provide two passport size photographs (one of which must be witnessed)

If members do not receive the form, or their supplied address has changed the TPI/EDA Veteran Travel Pass Renewal Application Form can be found on the TransLink website or a copy can be requested by calling TransLink on 13 12 30. ‘

Click on the link to download information and Application Form