National Fleet Discount

The TPI Federation has negotiated with a number of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers who have agreed to apply National Fleet Discount prices to new motor vehicles purchased by Association members. Note: at this stage this concession only relates to new vehicles purchased through Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Suzuki, KIA, Nissan, Volkswagen, Subaru and Isuzu UTE dealerships. Mazda also offers fleet discount but only for light commercial vehicles.

Policy: The Association appreciates any concession private enterprise grants it, in this case it also recognises how extremely generous this concession is to members and that it could be easily lost if abused, therefore strict controls are being put in place to ensure it is only obtainable by authorised financial members of this Association. Any member found abusing this concession will face disciplinary action by the Association and may well be dismissed and refused any further membership.

Procedure: A member intending to purchase a new vehicle and seeking a National Fleet Discount must comply with the following:

• The vehicle must be purchased and registered for  the exclusive use of the member concerned.

• Must be a financial member of the Association.

 • Provide the Association with the details of the dealership involved, contact person, including their fax, telephone number and/or email address.

 • Request that a completed “Letter of Introduction” be faxed or emailed from the Association to the dealership. Under no circumstances is the letter to be handed to the member.

. You then ring D.V.A. who will give you a letter for the company, that covers rego. Get a copy of the G.S.T. Exemption, fill it out and give it to the salesman.