Review into the TPI Payment – Mr David Tune AO PSM

Just prior to the 2020-21 Budget the government released a review into the adequacy of the TPI Payment.  A brief summary of the 50 page document is that:
“To determine if the TPI payment has reduced from historic norm, the review conducted the same type of analysis as the TPI Federation using publicly available and verifiable data.  The analysis shows that the TPI payment has not decreased in recent decades relative to metrics such as NMW and MTAWE – and across such timeframes, such as the 1980s, it has increased. This is the case regardless of whether the TPI payment is considered as a whole, or when considering the AGR component in isolation.
This finding excludes analysis of other policy decisions that support TPI veterans.  If considering other policy changes – such as the decisions from the 1970s onwards to progressively exempt the TPI payment from the Service Pension income test – then the trend in value of support provided to most TPI veterans is higher since 1950 against all wage measures suggested by the TPI Federation.  On this basis, the review does not consider there is a convincing rationale for increasing the AGR of the TPI payment other than through ongoing indexation increases each six months”

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